Esqueceram-me? Todos.

The luncheon was already in full course when he came. He mumbled an apology and seated himself on the only remaining chair next to a youth who reminded him of a well-dressed dummy. With slight weariness his eyes wandered in all directions for more congenial faces when they were arrested by a lady on the opposite side of the table. She was clad in a silk robe with curiously embroidered net-work that revealed a nervous and delicate throat. The rich effect of the net-work was relieved by the studied simplicity with which her heavy chestnut-colored hair was gathered in a single knot. Her face was turned away from him, but there was something in the carriage of her head that struck him as familiar. When at last she looked him in the face, the glass almost fell from his hand: it was Ethel Brandenbourg. She seemed to notice his embarrassment and smiled. When she opened her lips to speak, he knew by the haunting sweetness of the voice that he was not mistaken.

“Tell me,” she said wistfully, “you have forgotten me? They all have.”

Uma -Uma: Uma das primeiras novelas vampirescas ( The  House of the vampire, 1907),  pelo tipo que fez uma das primeiras entrevistas  a Hitler, em 1923.


One thought on “Esqueceram-me? Todos.

  1. balde-de-cal diz:

    que eu saiba foi o único socialista que fez o que disse.
    esta ocorre menos de 2 anos antes do ‘golpe da cervejaria’ feito com o apoio do General Ludendorf, o que atacou os Portugueses num riacho da Bélgica em 9 de Abril.
    teve grande apoio popular na Alemanha e na Áustria: as SS tiveram cerca de 3 milhões de aderentes
    usava um tipo de blá blá muito semelhante ao de sócrates, o que devia tomar cicuta.

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